Below are some of the most popular questions our  customers ask about buying a business.

Why do I need to sign a confidentiality agreement?

The sale of an established business is very confidential. If employees, customers, and/or vendors know that the business is for sale, it could hurt the business. Before you can see details about a business or have the address of a business for sale, you must sign a confidentiality agreement.

What am I agreeing to when I sign the confidentiality agreement?

When you sign the confidentiality agreement, you are promising that you will not go to the business and disclose yourself as a buyer to employees, current owners, customers, and/or vendors. You agree to go through the broker for all discussions about the business. You also agree that you will not take information learned about the business to start your own competing business.

What are the advantages of buying an existing business?

  • Ease of Investigation
  • Infrastructure
  • Purchase Price Differences
  • Flexibility In Negotiating
  • Financial History
  • Proven Products & Services
  • Platform to Build Upon
  • Visual
  • Existing Customer Base
  • Employees already trained and in place

How can a business broker/franchise consultant help me?

Working with a business broker or franchise consultant is beneficial to you as a buyer because we can help you find the right fit in business ownership and guide you through the process of buying a business.

Why do I need to fill out the confidential buyer profile?

We ask all buyers to fill out the confidential buyer profile so we can help you determine the right fit for you. We may know of other businesses for sale that will fit what you are looking for. We also need to make sure that you are financially qualified to buy the business you are interested in.

If you have any more questions about buying a business,  call the team at Clearview Business Brokers today.

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